• Spherotech 多孔交联聚苯乙烯Yabo,Crosslinked Polystyrene Particles

    SPHERO™ Crosslinked Polystyrene Particles Catalog No.DescriptionConcentrationNominal SizePackage SizePPRXS-50-10Porous Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked1.0% w/v5.0-5.9 µm10 mLPPRXS-100-10Porous Poly

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  • Spherotech 交联聚苯乙烯Yabo,Crosslinked Polystyrene Particles

    Spherotech offers a wide range of crosslinked polystyrene particles. Non-uniform, uniform shape, and porous crosslinked polystyrene particles are manufactured at Spherotech. The low cost non-uniform p

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  • Spherotech 聚苯乙烯Yabo,Polystyrene Particles

    The polystyrene particles are prepared by using emulsion polymerization process. Particles supplied by Spherotech have been precleaned using either mixed bed ion exchange or by centrifugation. Further

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  • 共聚物Yabo,Copolymeric Microparticles


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