GenePORTER® 转染试剂

GenePORTER® Transfection Reagent is a unique lipid formulation that allows efficient serum-free transfection of a broad spectrum of adherent and suspension cells. This unique reagent is easy to use, r

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  • GenePORTER® Transfection Reagent is a unique lipid formulation that allows efficient serum-free transfection of a broad spectrum of adherent and suspension cells. This unique reagent is easy to use, robust, and minimally toxic to mammalian cells. GenePORTER Transfection Reagent consists of the proprietary GenePORTER cationic lipid together with the neutral lipid dioleoyl phosphatidylethanolamine (DOPE). These components provide effective DNA complexing, cytoplasmic translocation, and subsequent nuclear release of plasmid DNA and DNA oligonucleotides.





    Cat. No. T201007

    Cat. No. T201015

    GenePORTER Transfection Reagent

    1 vial of dried lipid film

    1 vial of dried lipid film

    Hydration Buffer

    1 vial x 0.75 ml

    1 vial x 1.5 ml





    Cat. No. T201075

    Cat. No. T201096

    GenePORTER Transfection Reagent

    5 vials of dried lipid film

    96 vials of dried lipid film

    Hydration Buffer

    5 vials x 1.5 ml



    GenePORTER Transfection Reagent is shipped at room temperature. For maximum stability, store all reagents at 4ºC upon receipt. If stored properly, the dried GenePORTER reagent is stable for 12 months, and the hydrated GenePORTER reagent is stable for 6 months. The Hydration Buffer and DNA Diluent are stable for 12 months.


    GenePORTER Transfection Reagent Kit ordering information

    75 rxn kit - 0.75ml, T201007

    150 rxn kit - 1.5ml, T201015

    750 rxn kit - 5 x 1.5ml, T201075

    10 rxn sample - 0.1ml, T201001S

    QuikEase kit - 96 single use vials, T201096


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