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  • Click Chemistry Tools

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    Click Chemistry Toolbox

    DBCO, TCO, tetrazine, azide, alkyne, and related reagents.

    Enrichment Media

    Biotin/streptavidin-free tools for capturing azide-, or alkyne-tagged biomolecules.

    Metabolic Labeling Reagents

    Azide-, and alkyne-containing metabolic labeling reagents.

    Biotin Labeling Reagents

    Quantifiable and conventional biotinylation kits and reagents for antibodies, proteins and peptides labeling with biotin.

    Fluorescent Dyes

    Activated fluorescent dyes for labeling amines, sulfhydryls, azide, alkyne, and other functional groups.

    Crosslinking Reagents

    Superior crosslinkers for creating more stable and homogeneous antibody conjugates.