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  • NIST溯源尺寸标准微粒

    Particle size standards may be used to validate sizing instruments across their dynamic ranges. They are suitable for use in the performance of routine instrument calibration checks and corrections, a

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  • BioMag® Superparamagnetic Particles and Kits 超顺磁磁珠和试剂盒

    BioMag and BioMag Plus are ~1.5µm high-performance superparamagnetic microparticles widely used in assays and for the efficient separation of cells and purification of proteins or other biomolecules.

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  • 功能化聚苯乙烯Yabo(羧基PC和氨基PA)

    Our carboxylate-modified polystyrene latex microspheres are suitable for the covalent immobilization of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids. They are synthesized via emulsion polymerization, and are

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  • 非功能化聚苯乙烯Yabo(PS)

    Bangs(polysciences)提供单分散的聚苯乙烯乳胶Yabo,表面无功能基团,可用作尺寸标准品或标记物,或通过吸附表面蛋白质用于诊断测试和测定。参见TechNote 204 TechNote 204 Web.pdf 。我们的Yabo通过乳液聚合合成,直径约为20nm-90μm,粒径CV为5-10%。对于需要高度严格的CV(例如2-5%)的应用,请联系华泰昕公司。大多数产品以悬

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